With more than 175 trails, The Canyons will satisfy every level of skier.

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Whether your passion is skiing, yachting, or golfing, these three destinations provide the ultimate experience

Snow Bliss in Park City

While Park City is a perennial stunner, the Wasatch Mountains jewel is at its most glorious when blanketed in white powder. Within this training ground for Winter Olympians, snow sports enthusiasts are privy to paradise.

"There's nothing like experiencing Utah's snow for the first time," says Rachel Bradley, concierge at Waldorf Astoria Park City. The private Waldorf Gondola provides dedicated access to Canyons Resort, where 4,000 acres of skiing and snowboarding are accessible from North America's only chairlift with heated seats. Canyons Resort's 182 ski trails range from beginner-friendly greens to expert-level double diamonds, but if even the most challenging trails–After Shock, Lone Pine, and Funnel Cloud–aren't heart-pumping enough, the hotel's concierge can create an adrenaline enthusiast's ideal excursion: "We arrange for guests to drive a team of sled dogs or be dropped off on the top of an untouched peak via helicopter for fresh tracks and face shots," says Bradley.

Visitors can also witness world-class talent honing their skills at Utah Olympic Park. A Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games venue, the site offers guided tours that showcase how aspiring Olympians train for future Games.

Visitors observe the inner workings of one of the most complex Olympic venues in the world. Bringing the Games to life, the inspiring trek travels to the top of the world's highest Nordic ski jump and one of its fastest sliding tracks. This is where some 2014 Sochi Games competitors, like Emily Cook and Ted Ligety, spent countless hours launching themselves off K90 and K120 hills.

Daredevils can also hurtle downhill at 80 mph in a piloted bobsled or learn to maneuver a skeleton sled down the final four curves of the speedy track. For those in search of a controlled challenge, the park's PCNSC Cross Country Skiing Master programs provide extensive coaching to help enhance the abilities of visitors at all levels.

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