Unforgettable Stories

Join us on an unforgettable journey to some of the world's most celebrated places.

Unforgettable Stories

Watch the unforgettable stories of Waldorf Astoria. Come along as chefs, writers, designers and mixologists share their experiences from around the world.

The Art of Architecture

See how we took the words timelessness, glamour, inspired and aspirational to write our story.

Masters at Work

Meet Waldorf Astoria’s culinary experts, as they reimagine dining as a journey for all senses.

An Unlikely Canvas

Featuring Howard Harris

Explore the story hidden behind the iron curtain of the Waldorf Astoria Chicago lobby and how Howard Harris came to create such a work of art. Travel with him through the labor of love, from the first inkling of an idea, to the finished product and its final home.

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An Eternal Love

Featuring Heinz Beck

Heinz Beck, the Executive Chef at La Pergola at the Rome Cavalieri, shares his love for Rome and why it's the perfect home for his restaurant and its three Michelin stars.

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Featuring Pierre Gagnaire

The Michelin-starred Head Chef at Les Solistes in the Waldorf Astoria Berlin invites you into his kitchen to watch his culinary expertise at work. Pierre Gagnaire reveals his inspirations for creating new dishes and the emotional touch he gives to each one.

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The Spirit Of A Gladiator

Featuring Pietro Giusto

Travel back to a time when gladiators battled in the heart of the coliseum as we follow modern day gladiator instructors training Waldorf Astoria guests in the way of the ancient Roman fighters.

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One Street, Two Worlds

Featuring Spencer Dodington

Spencer Dodington, a renowned Shanghai architectural historian, takes us on a tour of the neighborhood he knows best, the Bund. From the unique history and architecture behind The Waldorf Astoria building, to the streets surrounding its walls - Spencer shows us it all.

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The Master & The Apprentice

Featuring Pierre Gagnaire & Roel Lintermans

In the first part of this two part series, Unforgettable Stories explores the relationship between the master, Pierre Gagnaire and his prodigy Roel Lintermans - as the two dot the globe with their dishes, culminating in their triumphant new restaurant Les Solistes at the Waldorf Astoria Berlin.

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The Art of Shopping

Featuring Eleonora Attolic

Stroll through the streets of Rome with Eleonora Attolico, fashion expert, journalist and consultant for Waldorf Astoria guests. Come along as she takes us to some of her favorite local boutiques and design houses as she discusses "Made in Italy" fashion and the rising craftsmanship movement.

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A Nightcap with Fritz Lang

Featuring Martin Koerber

Watch as Martin Koerber, a Fritz Lang expert, explains the dazzling combination of film techniques behind his legendary noir masterpieces Metropolis as mixologist Wieland Hartaue creates a cocktail with hints of those same techniques.

Book Waldorf Astoria Berlin

One of One

Featuring Raymond Kiang

Some stitches stand above the rest, or so do Raymond Kiang's, a renowned tailor tending to any and all needs of the Waldorf Astoria guests. As he sews away in the heart of Shanghai, watch as he walks us through the making of the perfect suit, from the start to the last stitch.

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The Joy of Oysters

Featuring Hubert Bourdon

Take a tour of the iconic Long Bar Restaurant with Executive Chef Hubert Bourdon as he brings us through its history steeped in privilege, to its present day filled with incredible whiskeys and imported French oysters flown in daily from France - you may even learn the perfect way to shuck one.

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A Taste of the Seasons

Featuring Tom Hogan

Follow Tom, the fine-eyed mixologist at Chicago's Bernard's Bar as he strolls through a local farmer's market to find the freshest ingredients for his next creation. Then watch him mix and match the ingredients as he explains his philosophy behind the craft of cocktail making.

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