Waldorf Astoria Spa

The Waldorf Astoria Spa Dubai offers an extensive array of luxurious treatments, nearly 50 treatments and services are available for you to indulge in.

The Waldorf Astoria Spa has been awarded 'Best Luxury Beach Resort' in the United Arab Emirates at the World Luxury Spa Awards 2018

The spa features over 3,200 square meters of palatial indoor space with an extensive array of hydrotherapy facilities and thermal relaxation rooms. Inviting warm, golden colors and a classic and refined design will help you unwind. The spa's spherical shape reminds us of the continual cycle and journey toward wellbeing while our professional team provides luxurious treatments and services to create a unique experience for you.

The Waldorf Astoria Spa is an ideal oasis to treat the senses, with journeys inspired by such exotic places as, Morocco, French and Asia. Discover locally inspired rituals as well. Each journey incorporates traditional practices and exquisite products to deliver a memorable and unique experience.

View the Spa Treatment Menu (PDF) for the full range of treatments.
View the Spa Experience Brochure (PDF) for more details.

For more information or to schedule a treatment, kindly call +971 04 818 2245 or email dxbpd.spa@waldorfastoria.com

Spa Facilities:

  • 12 Treatment Rooms
  • Ice Fountain
  • 2 Private Couples Suites
  • Experience Showers
  • Whirlpool Hot Tubs
  • Thermal and Water Flotation Lounges
  • Saunas
  • Traditional Arabic Attar Perfumery
  • Steam Rooms
  • Spa Boutique
  • Herbal Steam Rooms



    Exclusive Spa Offers

    Government taxes are subject to change.

    Spa Suite Journeys by Amra

    Blissful Couple Experience
    Indulge in some precious time together in your very own luxurious spa suite, while you relax with one of the purifying pearl or 24 karat rejuvenating gold treatments by AMRA. Unwind with an opulent bath laced with sumptuous AMRA aromas, followed by a gentle full body exfoliation to pamper the skin. Your experience will continue with a side by side couples' massage and finish your blissful journey with the choice of either a mini facial or gold hand and foot ritual by AMRA.

    Precious Pearl Experience
    Start your purifying journey in your own private bath where your mind and body will be transported into pure relaxation, followed by a delicate pearl body exfoliation leaving your skin smoother, softer and more youthful in appearance. The treatment concludes with a full body massage tailored to your needs by your AMRA Therapist.

    A Journey For The Senses
    Relax with an exclusive bath in the serenity of your private spa suite, followed by opulent twenty four karat gold or purifying pearl hot stone massage and indulge with a precious argan scalp treatment by AMRA. The journey concludes with a Pearl Foot Ritual to help tired feet and melt away tension.

    Time Together
    An exclusive journey for two takes place in your very own spa suite starting with a Rhassoul body mask and some relaxation in the steam room. AMRA therapists will then proceed with a synchronized massage using warm AMRA oils; and finishing with a purifying pearl or 24 karat gold mini facial or 24 karat gold hand and foot ritual. Mini bites and bubbles served in your suite are also included in this experience.

    Pearl Purifying Hamman
    The pearl purifying hammam helps prevent premature ageing, whilst leaving the skin looking smooth and refined due to the detoxifying benefits of the black pearl. The hammam starts with a purifying pearl cleanse, before the body is perfectly polished to remove impurities from the skin. An application of Rhassoul mask draws out impurities, while the treatment finishes with an application of pearl shea butter. Wake with the essence of precious body spritz and be alluring with the scents of rose oud hair essence.

    Gold Rejuvenating Hammam
    Immerse your senses, body and mind with this truly luxurious hammam ritual. The hammam starts with a 24 karat gold cleanse, before the body is perfectly polished to remove impurities from the skin. An application of Rhassoul mask draws out impurities, while the active technology rejuvenates the skin. This rejuvenating treatment finishes with an application of 24 karat gold shea butter. Wake with the essence of gold body spritz and be alluring with the decadent aroma of gold hair essence.

    Unforgettable Bridal Journey
    Prepare for your special day in the two private spa suites where you and your guests will be treated to a truly luxurious spa experience. The journey will start with a gentle body exfoliation using 24 karat gold rejuvenating body polish, followed by a full body massage. The experience continues with an opulent AMRA facial and concludes with twenty four karat gold hand and foot ritual leaving you perfectly pampered and ready for your special day. The Bridal Journey also includes a selection of mini bites and bubbles for you and your guests to enjoy during the experience.

    Amra Personalised Massage
    Allow your expert AMRA therapist to transport you on a journey of pure relaxation and well-being with your selected massage techniques to melt away your stress and tension leaving you relaxed, soothed and revived. Choose from a pearl purifying and detox massage, which enhances the elimination of toxins and impurities from the body or a gold deeply relaxing massage, which will help you to sooth tired aching muscles to promote relaxation and ease any tension leaving you relaxed and revived. All AMRA personalised massages includes a 30 minutes relaxation time in your own private suite.

    Spa Journeys

    Half Day Package
    Escape the city and experience a morning or afternoon at the Waldorf Astoria Spa. Indulge in a range of Spa therapies and Spa facilities: the Half Day Package lasts three hours, during which you may combine various spa treatments and enjoy a lunch or an afternoon tea.

    Full Day Package
    Dedicate a day to indulge and rejuvenate at the Waldorf Astoria Spa. Your day will comprise of four hours of Spa treatments of your choice as well as lunch at the nearby poolside restaurant or an afternoon tea at the terrace.

    Massage Therapies

    Healing Stone Massage
    A therapeutic and rejuvenating massage using warm volcanic stones and a moderate to deep pressure to intensely soothe tired, aching muscles and aid relaxation.

    Mum to be Massage by Neom
    Allow us to scoop you up, cocoon your body and mind with the utterly calming and specially created treatment, the most luxurious way to balance, restore and refresh during this special time. Master minded by the Neom Wellbeing Board, our safe, supportive and incredibly effective pre-natal massage uses our hand-picked blend of 100% natural Neom essential oils, which deliver additional comfort and warmth. This top to toe treatment begins with a pregnancy-specific 5 minute guided meditation and includes a wonderful back exfoliation where you will experience the exceptional mood enhancing results of the Neom Great Day Body Scrub, an award-winning exfoliator which blends wild mint and mandarin to help naturally lift your mood, as well as a 'Mothers to-be' massage.

    Waldorf Astoria Signature Massage by Anne Semonin
    Experience combines a blend of aromatic essential oils, trace elements and marine ingredients with the classic French touch and a holistic approach to treating the individual needs of your body and skin. Guests may select a relaxing, detoxifying or deep tissue experience.

    Sleep Candle Massage by Neom
    An extraordinary blend of 29 of the purest possible essential oils, including English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine was blended with one purpose: to induce deep sleep. After peaceful guided meditation, reflexology and breathing techniques, key stress relieving points on the head, face, neck and back will be focused on by using the very best techniques of shiatsu, cranio, Thai massage and trigger point work.

    De-Stress Candle Massage by Neom
    The complex blend of 24 of the purest possible essential oils creates a de-stressing environment the moment you enter the room, with a peaceful guided meditation, reflexology and breathing techniques. We drizzle the NEOM Intensive Skin Treatment Candle oil over the skin, then provide specialist massage to the key stress relieving points, harnessing the very best techniques of shiatsu, cranio, Thai massage and trigger point work.

    Body Therapies

    Luxury Body Polish by Anne Semonin
    An organic body scrub to nourish the skin, blended with pure lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood aromatics. A massage application of nourishing organic body lotion will leave your skin silky soft and deeply nourished.

    Golden Body by Omorovicza
    Dazzling as it is, gold is a mineral with proven anti-inflammatory properties; it helps to repair and strengthen the skin. This treatment involves an invigorating exfoliation with a golden sugar scrub and a soothing massage with fragrant oils enriched with gold particles. The body is left replenished, radiant and shimmering.

    Happiness Body Experience by Neom
    Surrounded with a complex blend of 7 of the purest possible essential oils this treatment begins with a guided meditation, reflexology and breathing exercises. Your skin will be lightly buffed head-to-toe using NEOM Body Scrub, with invigorating oils of wild mint and mandarin. By applying techniques of shiatsu, cranio, Thai massage and trigger point touch, we work to decrease stress levels and release endorphins.

    Facial Therapies

    Precious Pearl Ultra Lifting Facial by Anne Semonin
    Experience the ultimate wrinkle-fighting facial to restore your skin’s lack of firmness and tone leaving your skin and face contours in the utmost desired condition. This fresh and exceptional treatment includes a series of comprehensive lifting as well as drainage massage techniques that are solely a benefit for those suffering from tight facial muscles and a tired complexion.

    Re-Generating Gold Plumping Facial by Omorovicza
    This anti-aging gold facial combines a copper enriched peel to brighten and an anti-inflammatory gold serum to heal and regenerate the skin for a youthful complexion. A unique plumping massage reduces the depth and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Blue Diamond Facial by Omorovicza
    This firming and brightening treatment helps to revitalize dull, lacklustre skin. Diamond peptides prolong the life of healthy skin cells, restore skin fitness and helps repair the skin for a stronger, healthier and more vibrant complexion. The traditional Hungarian facial massage accelerates the oxygenation of the skin to re-energize and lift.

    Hungarian Deep Cleansing Facial by Omorovicza
    Mineral-rich Hungarian moor mud detoxifies and draws out impurities for a deep cleanse. The application of a fragrant mask follows the thorough cleansing and exfoliation, treating sensitive skin and reducing pore size.

    Men's Therapy

    The Gentlemen's Anti-Aging Facial by Omorovicza
    This anti-aging treatment starts with a deep cleansing and exfoliation to prepare the skin. A mask then deploys hyaluronic acid to plump and nourish the skin while bio-available gold serum repairs micro-damage to strengthen the skin. Finally a traditional Hungarian facial massage lifts and firms the skin and a scalp and shoulder massage relieves tension and stress.

    The Gentlemen's Deep Cleansing Facial by Omorovicza
    Regular cleansing and exfoliation are the basis of good skincare; this facial addresses those needs. A mineral-rich Hungarian Moor mud mask draws out impurities, cleanses deeply and nourishes the skin. A unique Hungarian facial massage soothes the skin whilst stimulating micro-circulation and a scalp and shoulder massage relieves tension and stress.

    The Gentlemen's De-Stress Massage
    Experience a De-stress massage focusing on the neck and shoulder area. This simple and safe massage will loosen knots and release tension carried in the surrounding muscles that support the head and neck.

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