Waldorf Astoria Spa

Welcome to the Waldorf Astoria Spa, Dubai International Financial Centre - A hidden gem at the heart of the city, and a rare and exclusive oasis from the bustle and cares of modern living.

The Spa is dedicated to ensuring your holistic wellbeing, with our expert therapists ready to deliver a carefully considered, bespoke service to promote balance, relaxation and to relieve stress.

The escape begins from the moment you are welcomed into The Spa. Every detail of your surroundings has been designed to foster an air of tranquility and quiet indulgence, leaving you refreshed and relaxed, both physically and mentally.

Waldorf Astoria Spa. Your haven away from the everyday.


Spa Suites

The Waldorf Astoria Spa offers a choice of four distinctive themed suites, designed to enhance your wellbeing experience. Each of the suites is tailored for your privacy, and equipped with every element required to ensure your utmost comfort and enjoyment. Our exclusive treatments have been carefully curated to escape from daily stress, and will be enhanced by your choice of suite.

Grooming Suite
A luxury spa treatment space with nail grooming for manicures and pedicures, as well as additional grooming services to include waxing.

Vichy Suite
A wet treatment space with a focus on therapeutic Vichy Water treatments. The suite also offers a heated hammam table for modern wet treatments.

Floatation Suite
A floatation pod provides a sensory deprivation that gives a weightless experience deceiving the body into feeling like it has had a long sleep. Enhanced by salt inhalation to improve breathing and lung efficiency as well as detoxification.

Couple Suite
Providing an experience for two people at the same time, this suite benefits from therapeutic heated treatment tables offering a choice of sand crystals or water mattress.

Body Treatments

Signature Rituals by Amra

Amra has been formulated and designed to be the ultimate in luxury skincare. Boasting the most aspirational ingredients which have been complemented by cutting edge scientific actives, to deliver the results that the most demanding clients expect.

Each Amra experience is curated to provide a combination of treatments that deliver relaxation and luxurious pampering.

Diamond Illuminating Journey - 120 mins
Express Facial, Scrub, Wrap, Massage
Indulge in a luxurious illuminating retreat for your face and body, making your skin radiant. Crushed diamonds will exfoliate the skin and moisturise whilst the active technology will visibly brighten the skin.

Platinum Brightening & Firming Experience - 90 mins
Scrub, Wrap, Massage
Platinum creates a vibration under the skin helping to firm from within. To brighten and firm the skin, this treatment benefits from a full body polish to stimulate blood flow and help remove impurities. An extension to this treatment can be incorporated by adding a full body wrap. The back is massaged with platinum firming oil to further draw out impurities and remove toxins.

Amra for Men Meteorite Ritual - 90 mins
Scrub, Wrap, Massage
Active ingredients come from meteorites which are rich in mineral content. Rocks from the universe that are untouched by the Earths' pollutants help detoxify and purify the skin deeply, fighting free radicals from the challenges of the modern world.

Treatments by Neom

Wellbeing Collection by Neom

All Neom treatments begin with a peaceful guided meditation, reflexology and breathing techniques to settle you into the treatment. Each treatment takes you through a specialised massage focusing on stress relieving points using the purest essential oils, applying the techniques of shiatsu, cranio and Thai massage. After the treatment, you will feel invigorated and renewed.

Sleep Wellbeing - 60 mins
Full Body Cocoa Butter Candle Massage
Find your place of tranquility with pure essential oils of lavender, sweet basil and jasmine to help you unwind, to switch off for ultimate relaxation and wellbeing.

De-Stress Wellbeing - 60 mins
Full Body Cocoa Butter Candle Massage
Experience the real luxury of being calm as you focus on gently letting go and bringing your breathing to a slower and more rhythmic pace that will settle your heart rate into a steady state. Let go of stress, allow your mind and body to unwind and enter into a state of balanced wellbeing.

Energy Wellbeing - 60 mins
Scrub and Half Body Massage
The perfect body re-charge using zesty essential oils to refresh your spirit, re-invigorate a tired and busy mind.

Happiness Wellbeing - 60 mins
Scrub and Half Body Massage
Discover your inner happiness with essential oils of white neroli, mimosa and lemon. The uplifting notes of these oils help to re-balance energy and in turn create a positive state of mind through the power of smell.


Results Focused Facials by Aenea

Aenea is the home of epigenetic based skincare, a high performance, results driven luxury brand and the anti-aging antidote to modern life. The twenty-first century ages us prematurely. The climate, technology, pollution, and the way we live our lives, actually changes how our genes express themselves. The external environmental and lifestyle factors act on our DNA to speed up the natural process of aging.

Aenea is the specialist skincare range for the modern man and woman, entirely based on the epigenetics of aging.

Aenea has curated a signature technique of movements and massage throughout all of its facials. This is a bespoke technique that actively enhances each product and its absorption into the skin.

The House of Aenea Couture Facial - 90 mins
A luxurious anti-ageing 'natural botox' facial
This facial delivers transformational results using high performance and high impact ingredients such as apple stem cells, antioxidants, milk thistle and is supported with light therapy to push ingredients deeper into the skin.

The Aenea Super Lift Massage - 60 mins
A natural, cell rejuvenation face-lift massage
The Signature Aenea face-lift massage incorporates a unique blend of highly effective Japanese face massage techniques, acupressure and facial reflexology. A sequence of lifting techniques provides a natural face-lift without the need for surgery.

The Aenea Probiotic Facial - 60 mins
A deeper, more molecular level cleansing facial
Give your skin a restorative boost of radiance with a two-stage cleanse, extraction, lymphatic drainage massage and pressure point massage. Results include an increase in the speed and quality of epidermal growth of cells, with better barrier function and overall skin quality.

The Aenea Super Detox Facial - 60 mins
Detox and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul
This facial targets the effects of stress on skin, such as redness, sensitivity, inflammation, puffy eyes and breakouts due to an increase in cortisol activity. Great for anyone suffering from lack of sleep, over work, dehydration, effects of smoking, too much caffeine or poor diet; this facial will detox, heal and calm your skin.

The Aenea Eternal Youth Facial - 75 mins
An all-round anti-ageing result-driven experience
This is the go-to facial if you are suffering from a multitude of skin conditions. This treatment is based on correction, prevention and nutrition systems. It targets fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dull and sallow skin.

The Aenea Oxygen Plasma Facial - 30 mins
A clean and radiant introduction suitable for all skin types
This revolutionary treatment will restore and re-balance damaged skin, as well as enhance the skin's natural defence mechanism against free radicals and environmental aggressors.


We offer you privacy and the utmost detail in our personal grooming treatments. 

Nail care
Our treatments are performed with a range of organic products containing Brazilian super fruit and white tea as the core ingredients to relax, rehydrate as well as renew the skin and nails. Each treatment is available for an extended time with the application of colour.

  • Luxurious Hand and Nail Treatment - 60 mins
  • Luxurious Hand and Nail Treatment with Colour - 90 mins
  • Luxurious Foot and Nail Treatment - 75 mins
  • Luxurious Foot and Nail Treatment with Colour - 90 mins

Waxing Treatments
Using an organic heated cartridge wax, our treatments are suitable for the most sensitive skins, whether treating a small or large area.

Pricing is available upon request.

Spa Information

Spa Etiquette
Our spa environment is one of relaxation and tranquility. Please respect all guests' rights to privacy and serenity. The Spa is a mobile phone and smoke free zone; we ask you to kindly respect this. Our therapists will practice professional draping techniques during treatments, in order to protect your modesty. You will also be provided with disposable garments for your additional comfort. The minimum age permitted for treatment in The Spa is 16 years old.

Arrival Time
You are encouraged to arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your appointment to prepare for your experience at the Waldorf Astoria Spa. Please be advised that late arrival may result in a reduction of the treatment time.

Scheduling An Appointment
To schedule an appointment, please speak to our spa receptionist who will guide you to the right choice of treatment. In-house guests can press the spa button on the in-room telephone. f calling from outside the hotel, please dial +971 (0)4 515 9818 or +971 (0)58 600 3308. To ensure your preferred time and service is available, please book in advance.

Our team will guide you on the most suitable treatment options available.

Health Condition
Kindly advise us of any health conditions, allergies or injuries that could affect your service at the time of booking your appointment.

Cancellation Policy
A 50% cancellation charge will be incurred for any treatment or spa programme not cancelled at least six hours prior to appointment time.

Home Care
To continue your regime and experience at home, all Waldorf Astoria Spa products used during your service are available for purchase from The Spa reception.

All prices are in United Arab Emirates Dirham and inclusive of 5% VAT, 10% Service Charge and 7% Municipality Fee.

The Art Of Giving
Gift vouchers are available for purchase, valid for all treatments and retail home care products.

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