Treatments at Guerlain Spa

Surrender to total serenity at the Guerlain Spa. Treatments harness the benefits of premium Guerlain products and the knowledge of expert staff to provide a customized spa experience.

Treatments at the Guerlain Spa at The Roosevelt New Orleans hotel range from revitalizing facial treatments and invigorating massages through to indulgent full-day experiences. Each one is transformed into a uniquely personal occasion designed with your needs specifically in mind. This is the essence of the Guerlain experience.

This New Orleans spa’s experienced beauty therapists begin every treatment with an individual skin analysis in order to gain a specific understanding of your essential concerns. Signature touches epitomize the refinement of Guerlain. Attention is paid to the smallest detail in order to enrich every experience.


Facial Therapies

Exceptional Orchidée Impériale Treatment (2 hours):

A supremely luxurious and refined facial treatment featuring two therapies to detoxify and invigorate. Provides exceptional results against all signs of aging.

Intensive Facial (2 hours):

Two hours of sheer bliss resulting in a pure and radiant beauty. A deep cleansing combines with the exclusive Guerlain facial massage and specialty mask to reveal greater texture and tone.

Complete Facial (1 hour 30 minutes):

The exclusive Guerlain facial massage applies an active skincare concentrate. The ultimate 90 minute deep cleansing revival.

Radiance Facial (1 hour):

Achieve a fresh, clear, radiant complexion in only 1 hour.

Body Therapies

The Waldorf Impériale (2 hours):

The combined luxury of an indulgent massage and decadent facial delivered as one blissful treatment. Cocooned in delicate sounds and scents, enveloped in elegant surroundings, The Waldorf Impériale redefines luxury.

Intensive Body Therapy (2 hours):

An invigorating Vichy shower body polish, replenishing body wrap and customized skincare. This complete program is the very essence of body therapies.

Body Polish (1 hour):

A revitalizing water therapy and rejuvenating body polish coupled with a hydrating treatment to leave your skin healthy, refined and soft.

Pure & Radiant Back Treatment (1 hour):

A deep-steam cleansing of the back that purifies, hydrates and revitalizes.
5 Senses Hydrotherapy (30 mins): Soothing jets work the entire body for the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. Ideal preparation before any body therapy.

Harmonizing Massage

Guerlain Impérial Massage:

A multi-sensory experience inspiring complete calm. The Impérial Massage facilitates oxygenation, stimulates circulation and provides a profound sense of serenity.

4 Hand Impérial Massage:

Based on the signature Guerlain Impérial Massage this treatment is a masterful dance of 4 expert hands.

Deep Tissue:

Perfect for the athletic and the active. Slow, firm strokes and deep finger pressure address muscle pain and tension.

Lymphatic Drainage:

Detoxifies the lymphatic system and releases tension.


Utilizing pressure points on the foot to relieve pain, improve circulation and restore balance throughout the body.

Pre & Post Natal Massage:

Specialized body therapy helps alleviate discomfort, stimulate circulation and improve sleep.

Swedish Massage:

Melt away stress and tension for a feeling of complete well-being.

Remedial/ Therapeutic:

A therapeutic treatment that utilizes a combination of massage techniques to address specific issues or concerns.

Transforming Spa Experiences

Travel Prescriptions (3 hours):

Five sense hydrotherapy, 60 minute massage, intensive hand or foot therapy.

Take a Serenity Break (3 hours 15 minutes):

Complete facial, 60 minute massage, classic manicure and pedicure.

Prenatal Pampering (3 hours 30 minutes):

Complete facial, complete foot therapy, 60 minute massage.

Blissful Radiance (4 hours 30 minutes):

Body polish, complete facial, complete pedicure, 60 minute massage.

Cocooning Impériale (6 hours 30 minutes):

Five senses hydrotherapy, body polish, 60 minute massage, intensive facial, intensive hand and foot therapy.

Bridal Glow (8 hours):

Intensive facial, intensive hand and foot therapy, bridal makeup application.

Men’s Therapies

Skin-Saver Facial (1 hour 30 minutes):

Uniquely tailored to your needs. An invigorating exfoliation is followed by Guerlain’s exclusive facial therapy and specialty mask. A unique eye treatment reveals youth and clarity.

Energizing Facial (1 hour):

Uncover a fresh complexion through a process of deep cleansing. Exfoliation and facial massage create smoother, more radiant skin.

Ultimate Experience (3 hours):

Energizing facial, 60 minute massage, classic manicure and pedicure.

Makeup Artistry

Makeup Application (1 hour):

Let skilled experts achieve the look you want for any occasion.

Makeup Consultation (1 hour 30 minutes):

Discover the ideal makeup combination to enhance your natural beauty.

Bridal Makeup Consultation and Application (2 x 1 hour):

After a detailed consultation, experienced beauty therapists help you achieve the perfect look for your dream wedding.

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