Rome has a series of impressive and iconic sights that are all worthy of a visit. From the ancient buildings to the flowing fountains, you will always find something marvelous when visiting this city.

Rome is famous for its iconic, ancient monuments and buildings. Give yourself some time to wander among these fascinating buildings that have withstood thousands of years. Explore the Colosseum, considered one of the greatest works in Roman engineering and architecture. Imagine how life was thousands of years ago as you stroll amongst the beautifully preserved walls and passages. Venture across the Forum and Capitoline Hill, offering a breadth of history through the pieces that remain in the once bustling market place of Ancient Rome.

Step into the Pantheon and marvel at the masterpieces that adorn the circular wall, look up at the oculus opening to the sky, and watch how the piercing Italian sunshine adds to the atmosphere in this ancient building. Visit the tombs of European greats, such as Popes, Italian Kings, and Raphael. Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain and gaze up at the ornate and elaborate statues that tower over the glistening blue water, then climb the stunning Spanish Steps to Piazza Trinità dei Monti and enjoy a revitalizing coffee. Ensure your trip entails a visit to the Vatican City, home to St Peter's Basilica with its famous dome that makes Rome's skyline all the more breathtaking. Visit the remarkable Raphael Rooms as well as one of the most striking sights in the world, the stunning Sistine chapel.


The breathtaking icon of both ancient and modern Rome, the Colosseum makes for an insightful and fascinating place to visit.


Immerse yourself in ancient atmosphere during your visit to the Forum, once a marketplace, now an area of beauty and culture.


Visit the tombs of European greats whilst enjoying the ornate and classic design of the Pantheon, nestled in a web of quaint narrow lanes.

Trevi Fountain

Sit back in the Italian sunshine and listen to the calming trickle of water from the Trevi Fountain. Throw in a coin and make a wish at one of the world's most famous fountains.

Spanish Steps

The widest staircase in Europe, these beautiful steps join Piazza di Spagna and Piazza Trinità dei Monti.

Vatican City

Home to the Pope and the beautiful St Peter's Basilica, this fascinating city offers impressive architecture and a host of cafés where you can soak up the atmospheric surroundings.

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