Rome is rich in history, and has many layers spanning 28 centuries that are waiting to be discovered. From the Vatican to La Dolce Vita, a story is always ready to be told in the Eternal City.

The Italians say that for Rome, 'non basta una vita', a lifetime is not enough. Rome is full of historic wealth that is reflected in the great city today. Wander the narrow streets of what was once the center of a world empire and is now the home of the powerful Papacy. The ancient ruins are perhaps the most impressive and atmospheric of the city's sights.

The Colosseum harbors many secrets in its shadows from the times of gladiators, whilst the forum and Palatine hill have an ambience that is rich with a historical presence. The Pantheon is one of the only buildings from the empirical age that is still in use, and continues to impress visitors with every year that passes.