Unique Experiences

At the Rome Cavalieri hotel, we believe you deserve a truly unique experience. That's why we offer a range of activities unique to our hotel, from our Very Important Pets service to a unique opportunity to take part in Gladiator Training.

Exclusive Golf Experience in Rome

In partnership with the Parco di Roma Golf Club, the Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts offers its guests the pleasure to enjoy an exclusive, authentic golfing experience in the heart of the Eternal City.

Designed and built by the worldwide renowned Golf Course Architect Paul B. Dye, and founded in 1999, the Parco di Roma Golf Club is located just 5 minutes from the city center and boasts a18-hole Championship Golf Course, in the midst of the Di Veio Park, one of the largest in the Latium region.

The breathtaking views of the Eternal City, with St. Peter's Dome prominent among the hills, provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable golfing experience. Discover more here

Waldorf=Astoria Rome Cavalieri hotel - Gladiator Training

Gladiator Training

In Rome the spirit and ethos of the ancient city is everywhere. The ruins of the Forum, the Palatine Hill, the Circus Maximus, all evoke the lives of those who once lived here at the centre of an empire.

At the Rome Cavalieri guests can experience the world of the gladiators who fought and often died in the Colosseum two thousand years ago.

In the Rome Cavalieri hotel's private park, overlooking the Roman skyline, instructors from Rome's Gladiatorial School will instruct guests in ancient combat techniques as well as explaining the life and times of the gladiators. Available on request, and open to all guests over the age of seven, the course is a wonderful mix of sport and culture. A gladiator kit is included with traditional tunic, Roman sandals, belt, protective gloves, and wooden training sword, and on completion students are presented with a medal declaring them a 'Tiro', or first level gladiator.

For reservations or for more information please contact the Concierge at ROMHI.Concierge@waldorfastoria.com or by fax on +39 06 3509 2241.

Guests enjoying tea in front of painting

Tea with Tiepolo

High tea is a tradition at the Rome Cavalieri hotel. Throughout the winter months tea is served in grand style in our magnificent Tiepolo Lounge and Terrace, combining the charm of an English afternoon tea with the style and panache of Italian cuisine.

Waiters arrive with a tempting selection of finger sandwiches and scones, miniature pastries and fruit sushi, Quail's eggs with caviar and truffles as well as canapes served on vermeil. The menu offers a selection of top grade teas including such exotic brands as Yin Zhen, a rare white tea from an island in the Hunan province of China, and Budda Ama-Cha, an exotic green tea grown in the uplands near Kyoto in Japan. Tea is served beneath one of Rome Cavalieri's greatest art treasures - three magnificent Tiepolo paintings featuring a series of mythological scenes. Painted in 1725, they originally adorned the walls of Palazzo Sandi in Venice. Afternoon tea is always a moment to pause and reflect, and these beautiful paintings help to create a truly contemplative atmosphere.

For reservations and any further information, please contact the Food and Beverage office on +39 06 3509 2954, or via email at: ROMHI.FB@waldorfastoria.com

Dog on bed

Very Important Pets

At the Rome Cavalieri hotel, all members of the family deserve a luxury experience, that's why we offer the unique Very Important Pet service. From Spa treatments to personalized pet menus, your pet will certainly be pampered.

Pamper your pet during your stay at the Rome Cavalieri hotel, with a unique array of services that cater exclusively for your dog. Choose a delectable dish from the doggy menus, featuring a variety of options including game, tuna, and a healthy rice, vegetable and meat soup. Your dog will love the fifteen acres of lush green grounds, and if you are too busy to go for walks, just use the friendly and professional dog walking service. For indoor pampering, we offer trips to the doggy spa, La Domus Aventina, where your pet can be shampooed, massaged and groomed to perfection, or have a soothing skin treatment. Add to the experience by treating your pet to a personalized cashmere dog jumper that can be ordered with your pet's name spelled out in rhinestones.

Art Gallery with Guests and chairs in foreground

Rome Cavalieri Art Collection

The Rome Cavalieri hotel is home to one of the greatest private art collections in the world. A tour can be arranged with our art historian.

Far more than just a hotel, the Rome Cavalieri is home to one of the greatest private art collections in the world. This prestigious luxury hotel houses well over a thousand artistic treasures in its public spaces and suites: they range from the 16th Century to the modern day, from Old Masters to contemporary art, from French antiques to rare tapestries, sculpture and ceramics. There is a crib commissioned by Napoleon for his baby son, a coiffeuse table designed for Marie Antoinette, a commode made for the King of Poland. There are Warhols and Indianas, Bacchanalian frescoes and bronze and marble sculptures. In the lobby there are our famous Beauvais tapestries - the only other examples on public display are at the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the Getty Museum in Los Angeles - and our most prized possession, the Tiepolo triptych, purchased at auction in 2006 for a record sum. A private tour of the Rome Cavalieri Art Collection can be arranged with our art historian.

For further information and for your booking, please contact the Concierge on +39 06 3509 2040, email: ROMHI.Concierge@waldorfastoria.com

Waldorf Astoria Rome Cavalieri hotel - Wedding at Rome Cavalieri

Million Dollar Wedding and Something Borrowed

The Rome Cavalieri has created the ultimate wedding package. Enjoy the complete Million Dollar Wedding experience in Rome.

For the ultimate wedding party, the Rome Cavalieri has created the ultimate luxury wedding package. Every detail of the big day is arranged to make this the most memorable and spectacular celebration. With a price tag of one million dollars, the sky is the limit!

For the bride and groom there is a private jet to Rome, the palatial Penthouse Suite with panoramic roof terrace and "his and hers" monogrammed linens, as well as a horse-drawn carriage to one of Rome's most famous churches. In addition, the Rome Cavalieri has launched the "Something Borrowed" program to assist brides with fulfilling a part of the tradition of wearing "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" on their wedding day to display their uniqueness. Brides who choose the Rome Cavalieri hotel to serve as the backdrop for their special day are afforded the opportunity to borrow jewellery designed by Italian Princesses Lucia Odescalchi and Grazia Borghese!

For the guests, there is accommodation on our exclusive Imperial Floors with personal butler service and access to the Cavalieri Grand Spa Club with its professional hair and make-up services. For the reception there is a wedding lunch with the signature of our three star Michelin chef, Heinz Beck, in beautifully decorated rooms and terraces overlooking Rome. The day reaches a climax with a fireworks display and balloon release from the Rome Cavalieri hotel's roof.

But these arrangements are only the beginning. A host of personal details, from hand-crafted invitations to custom-designed wedding bands, from photos against the backdrop of Rome's monuments to honeymoon travel plans, will be arranged in consultation with your personal wedding planner. Every couple is unique, and our team is committed to making their day uniquely special.

Waldorf=Astoria Rome Cavalieri hotel - Private Palaces

Luxury Tours

At the Rome Cavalieri hotel, our art historian offers guests a private tour of the Palazzo Colonna and the Casino dell'Aurora private palaces

Private Palaces
In conjunction with our art historian, the Rome Cavalieri is delighted to offer its guests a private tour of two of the most exclusive palaces in the city, both still inhabited by members of the Pallavicini and Colonna families. The Palazzo Colonna is a treasure trove of extraordinary paintings by artists such as Poussin, Tintoretto, Veronese and Carracci. Family portraits include Vittoria Colonna, the poetess friend of Michelangelo, and Marcantonio Colonna, one of the victorious admirals at the Battle of Lepanto. With their private guide, guests achieve a deeper understanding of these palaces and their place in Roman history as well as an intimate look at the lavish domestic world of old Rome.

Discover other exclusive bespoke tours!

For reservations or for more information please contact the Concierge at by email on ROMHI.Concierge@waldorfastoria.com or by fax on +39 06 3509 2241.

Waldorf=Astoria Rome Cavalieri hotel - San Peters Basilica

Vatican Gardens & Sistine Chapel

Private tour of the Vatican Gardens and the Sistine Chapel. Marvel at Michelangelo's awe-inspiring frescoes during your stay at the Rome Cavalieri hotel.

The privilege of walking through the Vatican Gardens is reserved to a restricted number of visitors per day. A true peaceful oasis, designed in Italian, French and English styles, this is where the Pope takes a stroll in the early morning. At the same time they are a fantastic setting for the official Vatican palaces and institutions, such as the railway station, radio and television stations, Science Academy and residences of citizens of the Vatican City State.

Renaissance and Baroque fountains, and the chirping of brightly colored parakeets who have "adopted" the park as their home, will surprise and delight visitors. At the end of the walk, lasting 90 minutes, visitors will have gained insight into the Vatican territory as an independent State.

The visit continues with a few sections of the vast Vatican Museums: the Candelabra Gallery (displaying statues and art objects of the Imperial era), then the galleries of Tapestries and Geographical Maps and, finally, the Sistine Chapel where the history of art and the Church come together. The Sistine is still the Chapel where Popes are elected, it is their private chapel, and considered "the most beautiful Renaissance art book", for its frescoes by Michelangelo, and also those by Perugino, Botticelli and Ghirlandaio.

Through private access permitted only to authorized guides, visitors enter St. Peter's Basilica. With its domes, mosaics, marbles, Tombs of Peter and the Popes, the "Pieta" by Michelangelo and the "Canopy" by Bernini, St. Peter's is one of the finest and most visited places of worship in the world.

For reservations or for more information please contact the Concierge at by email on ROMHI.Concierge@waldorfastoria.com or by fax on +39 06 3509 2241

Blue and yellow sports cars on the grass

The Italian Super-Car Experience

Whether it's a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, or a Maserati, Italy is synonymous with super-fast, super-luxurious cars. Don't have your own?

The glamorous Rome Cavalieri is offering guests the chance to drive the Italian car of their dreams with a specially crafted Italian Super Car "experience day" and luxury car rental. So get behind the wheel for the drive of a lifetime in the home of the Italian sports car!

For further information and for your booking, please contact the Concierge on +39 06 3509 2040, email: ROMHI.Concierge@waldorfastoria.com

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