Destination Guide

Immerse yourself in the rich history and colorful culture of Jerusalem from this luxury hotel, with a choice of nearby attractions to explore.

Being one of the most famed and captivating cities in the world, Jerusalem is where an array of magical sites and magnificent historical attractions are guaranteed to ensure an unforgettable visit.

The Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem captures traditional and modern Middle Eastern culture. Enjoy an exquisite position and find a wealth of adventures near our hotel. Located mere minutes' walk is the famous Jaffa Gate, the majestic entrance to Jerusalem's fascinating Old City. Discover the ambiance of an ancient city steeped in history.

Experience the bustling atmosphere of the markets selling Middle Eastern food, textiles and jewelry. Savor a kebab or vegetable falafel from one of the colorful market stalls. Relax and sip traditional Arabic coffee in a local café and marvel at the ancient architecture.

Despite being a 3,000-year-old city, it is also a home to a wide selection of modern attractions for all culture, arts, music, and culinary lovers. Spend an afternoon window-shopping or luxurious spending at the renowned Alrov Mamilla Shopping Avenue overlooking the Old City, located just outside of the hotel. For an authentic memory, experience the sights and smells of local Jerusalem by a visit to the bustling Machane Yehuda Market. One of the most recognized symbols of the city, the market is the best destination to interact with the authentic flavors, aromas, colors and the traders of Jerusalem.