Savor the rich legacy and delicate charm of the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem’s unique setting.

Absorb the gracious surroundings of a building that dates back to the late 1920s and early 1930s. The historical architecture of the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem was formally home to the iconic Palace Hotel. The magnificent Palace Hotel opened in 1931 and is remembered for an innovative level of opulence. Guests were among the first in the country to experience private bathrooms, elevators and central heating at a hotel.

Stay at the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem and soak up the preserved architecture from bygone years designed by acclaimed Turkish architect Nahas Bey. The Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem features the arabesque façade and grand staircase of the original Palace Hotel. Stroll through the arches, dine on the plazas and marvel at the historic ornamentations and stone carvings. The lobby of the Waldorf Astoria replicates the original Palace Hotel, featuring a glass skylight exuding natural sunlight.

The historic building was initially commissioned by the Supreme Muslim Council for the Palace Hotel in 1928-29. A short while after it was leased to hotelier George Barsky, and then was used as military offices until 1937. The Royal Peel Commission convened in the hotel until 1948 when the building housed the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Feigin Architects have now retuned the hotel to its former splendor as an innovative, luxury hotel.