Famous as the playground and power center of the French nobility, Versailles is strewn with palatial buildings and attractions, all relating to the golden age of the Ancien Regime.

Queen's Hamlet

Famous as the palace and gardens built to satisfy the whims of Louis XIV, Versailles is famous for its off-beat, luxurious atmosphere. Typifying this best is the Queen's Hamlet, a replica of a tiny rural hamlet - complete with water-wheels and thatched roof cottages - which was built for the amusement of Marie Antoinette, who would pretend to be a commoner for one day each year.

Musée Lambinet

Learn the story of Versailles through the Musée Lambinet. Housed since 1932 in the 18th century Hotel Lambinet, it is now a historical monument. Donated to the town by the family of Emile Lambinet, the famous garden façade features a scultped pediment that represents an allegorical image of architecture.

Eglise Notre Dame

Eglise Notre Dame is a beautiful church located in the little town of Versailles. Partly the inspiration for the tower in the Hunchback of Notre Dame, its stunning attention to detail and design mark it out as a truly unique attraction.

Place Hoche

Visit the most famous square in Versailles, Place Hoche. Devoted to French soldier and hero Louis Lazare Hoche, it was constructed beside the beautiful Eglise Notre Dame during the reign of Louis XIV.

Pièce d'Eau des Suisses

Built in the late 1600s by members of the Swiss Guard, the Pièce d'Eau des Suisses is an artificial lake that occupies 13 hectares. The Equestrian Statue of Louis XIV stands in front of the lake, to commemorate the 'Sun King.'

Royal Opera of Versailles

The opulent Royal Opera of Versailles, opened as a tribute to the marraige of Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI, was specially constructed of wood specially painted to appear like marble. A collaboration between architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel and interior designer Augustin Pajou, it is perfectly representative of what has now come to be known as 'Louis XIV style.'

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