Tour the majestic French structure that was host to the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.

With a rich heritage as a center of power and luxury, the Trianon Palace Versailles is the ideal setting for an explorative historical tour. Formerly the seat of political power in France, the Trianon symbolises the system of absolute monarchy, dating back to the time of Louis XIV.

A collaboration between landscape architect André Le Nôtre, architect Louis Le Vau, and painter Charles Le Brun, saw the restoration and renovation of the existing building. In line with Louis XIV's wishes that a new royal court be established, the gradual shift in power from saw court officially established in Versailles in May 1682.

Now the absolute seat of French power, government offices and the homes of courtiers seeped into Versailles. As all French nobles were required by law to spend a portion of each year in the town, Louis XIV succeeded in weakening their regional power and maintaining his absolute stranglehold of power over France as a whole.

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