Spa and Fitness

From indulgent aromatherapy massage at the Spa al Mare to a workout at the fully equipped hotel fitness center, at Casa Marina you can maintain your commitment to health - both inside, and out.

Within the sanctuary of the Spa al Mare, soothe yourself with a luxurious treatment. Tend to aching, post-workout muscles with a light Swedish massage, or envelop yourself in the soothing experience of an aromatherapy treatment. Amid the quiet serenity of the private beach, experience our most healing treatments. Couples massages available. Find peace at the hands of our certified therapists, or relax with a swim in one of two outdoor pools, with an unspoiled view of the ocean. Maintain your fitness with a vigorous workout in our fitness center, featuring modern exercise bikes or attend one of our Sunrise Yoga Classes on the beach.

Spa al Maré Menu and Information

Swedish Massage

Composed of five different styles of long, fluid strokes, Swedish Massage has proven effects in reducing pain, osteoarthritis, improving circulation and reduced joint stiffness. Also referred to as 'Classic Massage'. Sessions are available in 25-, 50- and 80-minute sessions.

Deep Tissue Massage

Designed to relieve severe tension in muscle and connective fascia, Deep Tissue massage is an intense and focused treatment. Available in 25-, 50- and 80-minute sessions.

Therapeutic Massage

Intended to pin-point and allievate problem areas of tension in the body, Theraputic Massage sessions are available in 25-, 50- and 80-minute slots.


Founded on the belief that a map of the body is available on the feet and hands, Reflexology aims to both pin-point and heal physical ailments through treatment of these areas. Available in 25- or 50-minute sessions.

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