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The Dave Pelz Scoring Game School at the Country Club Course offers a variety of training facilities and services. Improve skills and practice techniques to enjoy a lifetime of lower scores.

Guests at Boca Beach Club and the Boca Raton Resort & Club enjoy exclusive access to the renowned Dave Pelz Scoring Game School. Schedule private instruction and benefit from a variety of services designed to help improve your golfing game. As coach to top championship golfers including Phil Mickelson, Dave Pelz has developed instruction to help golfers lower their scores by improving their skills inside 100 yards.

Pelz Institute research shows that the majority of golfers lose nearly 80 percent of their shots to par through their short game. Therefore, Dave Pelz firmly focuses his instruction on improving the short game, which comprises nearly 65 percent of the total number of shots per round of golf. Dave defines this as 'The Scoring Game', and can provide training on improving scoring position. From a long bunker shot to a full wedge or a 3 ft. putt, Dave Pelz can provide key advice on the proper execution of shots.

Dave Pelz Scoring Game School

The school curriculum focuses strictly on 'The Scoring Game', a combination of the short game and putting. The Dave Pelz Scoring Game School teaches students invaluable skills and techniques to promote a lifetime of lower scores and greater enjoyment of the game.

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For more information on the Dave Pelz Scoring Game School or to schedule a lesson, please call 561-447-2419.

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