Waldorf Astoria Beijing Art Works

The art program for the Waldorf Astoria Beijing hotel has been beautifully curated to showcase several of China's leading contemporary artists alongside a wonderful selection of internationally-celebrated artists.

The collection will inspire and intrigue guests by showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship by painters such as Ling Jian and Luo Xiaodong - as well as by presenting profoundly thoughtful sculptures like that of Shao Fan's 'Wood and Acrylic Chair'.

A distinct essence of Beijing's cultural identity can be felt in this body of artworks: references towards the city's traditional and historical being are cleverly juxtaposed with contemporary gestures to its modern sophistication and spirit.

In the guest quarters of the hotel, the artworks create a sense of a more personal or private collection of art that could be found in a luxurious residence or palace. Artworks depicting magical golden nests and feathers evoke a luxurious sense of comfort and rest, while images of orchid vases create opulent visual pleasure.

In accordance with the Waldorf Astoria Beijing hotel's commitment to provide guests with the most luxurious and memorable hotel experience, our collection is designed to engage viewers with moments that will stimulate thought and allow for enriched conversation.

Art Collection (PDF)

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