From the beginning, it was a place like no other.

The original Waldorf=Astoria New York was a place like no other: a marvel of the modern age with electricity, telephones, a bath in most guest rooms, and palatial public spaces.

Throughout Waldorf Astoria history, our unique blend of personalized service, architectural grandeur and sophisticated style attracted leaders of industry, illustrious artists, and society’s elite.

It also captured the imagination of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton, who kept a photograph of The Waldorf=Astoria under the glass on his desk. On the picture he had written simply, “The greatest of them all.”

Today, this is the proud legacy as well as the perpetual challenge of every hotel around the world that shares the name Waldorf Astoria: Be the standard by which others are measured. Be the place to be, in each amazing location. Be inspired by the rich traditions of the brand, not to imitate the past, but to bring that same refined spirit of excellence to serving the needs of today’s discerning traveler.

Be the greatest of them all.