Hibiscus pool.

At the tranquil Hibiscus pool (above), named for the giant mosaic flower that graces the pool's floor, guests can soak up the Maui sun after unwinding at Spa Grande.

At the tranquil Hibiscus pool (above), named for the giant mosaic flower that graces the pool's floor, guests can soak up the Maui sun after unwinding at Spa Grande.

Secrets of the Gods

Native elements and ancient traditions create an unparalleled spa experience in Maui

By Nicole Dorsey

Maui is more than an island, more than the go-to backdrop of millions of travel dreams. In fact, before it was ever all that, Maui was, in the mythology of the region, the name of a Polynesian demigod responsible for creating the world. According to Hawaiian legend, the ocean, land, and sun culminated on this mystical island, which is why they named it after him.

Thousands of years later, the myth lives on in the grandeur of Maui's overwhelming natural power. One place to experience that splendor for yourself is at Spa Grande at the Grand Wailea, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, which draws on Maui's local treasures, including its native plants and ancient rituals. "Spa Grande takes a rare approach to creating indigenous treatments that tap our local healing plants and minerals," says spa director Sharon Ogawa. Some soothing examples of the local manna being put to good use:

Coconut Bath


For centuries, coconuts have given locals fuel, soap, and medicine. Today, Spa Grande incorporates it into milk baths, tropical exfoliations, and massages. Guests enjoy the Royal Niu Coconut Dream for Two (2.5 hours), which includes a coconut exfoliation, and coconut butter body cocoon.

Mango Tango

Antioxidant-packed mango, native to the island, is loaded with enzymes that help resurface skin. With the TermeĢ Hydrotherapy Circuit, unobtrusive spa attendants provide spa-goers with fragrant Honey Mango loofah body polish.

Honey Do

The Grand Wailea's rooftop bee colony provides organic honey to spa therapists, which, along with elements from the sea and earth, becomes a healing rite. The Ali'i Honey Steam Cocoon (25 minutes) is a delight on its own or as an add-on to any body treatment.

Healing Hands

Working with a cultural advisory team to create treatments based on ancient Hawaiian healing rituals, Spa Grande offers the Lomilomi Massage (50 or 80 minutes), encompassing massage styles unique to the islands.

Ocatilla at Arizona Biltmore.

Soak It Up

by Diana Anderson

There are plenty of proven therapeutic reasons to treat yourself to a warm bath. It reduces muscle tension, improves circulation, and alleviates stress. But let's face it: You don't need scientific proof to know that a bath is good for you. You can feel it in your bones.

Which is why Ocatilla at Arizona Biltmore, A Waldorf Astoria Resort in Phoenix, offers a unique service for guests: its signature Therapeutic Turndown Bath.

After your attendant draws a bath to your exact temperature specifications, you'll choose from a variety of healing bath salts aimed at addressing whatever ails you. Perhaps lavender salts to relax nerves and aid sleep, or citrus salts to boost the immune system. Once your salts are mixed, the bath is topped with flower petals, and candles are lit to create the ultimate soothing environment. When you're done soaking, you'll find that your room has been perfectly primed for post-bath slumber. The result? Less stress. More relaxation.

Arizona Biltmore