We believe that luxury should be enjoyed by the entire family, that's why the Rome Cavalieri hotel offers a range of fun and engaging activities for children of all ages.

Let the Rome Cavalieri hotel make you and your family feel at home during your stay with convenient amenities available on request such as cribs, plug covers, bottle warmers, high chairs and night lights. Enjoy the privilege of welcome gifts on arrival and exclusive access to the array of exciting and creative activities offered during the week. Children will relish the experiences on offer, ranging from gladiator training to exquisite cooking lessons. Family trips can also be organized, with a selection of tours that provide unique and different experiences of the Eternal City.

At Rome Cavalieri

A wide selection of bespoke entertainments are available throughout the Summer season, on complimentary basis, for all the Rome Cavalieri in-house little guests, aged 4-10. Activities will take place in the beautiful Sala Ellisse, every afternoon from 2.30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Artistic laboratory
Children can create 'takeaway gifts' with their own hands as a memory of the day. Children are provided with all the equipment to draw everything they like. In this particular activity there will also be a saction dedicated to drawing.

Magic & Mystery
Entertainers will teach the basic skill of the main magician and comedian techniques: the most stunning shows and gags, how to attract and keep the audience attention, how to use the 'magic' items to create memorable shows.

Mini-car race
A racing circuit where all participants will compete in exciting races of Formula 1 with our radio controlled-cars.

Sport & Fun
An entire space will be set up in order to allow children to test themselves in their favourite sports. They can to choose among: ping pong, table football, fly wheel, mini-golf, penalties shooting, darts game, air hockey.

Funfair at Rome Cavalieri
Without leaving the Hotel, children will have the opportunity to explore a 'mini funfair' with loads of themed games directly from the USA, among which: Joe Jump, Conk the crow, Sombrero Toss, Can Knockdown and Gone fishing. The delicious stand of cotton candy is not to be missed!

And Don't Forget The...

Gladiator lesson
Here you can put your history lessons into practice: provided with a complete mini gladiator kit - helmet, shield, sword and red gladiator cloak - you will become a fearsome figure under Nero's supervision! If you want to take home the gladiator kit, the Concierge will arrange the delivery to your home. An ideal family activity, suitable for children age 7 and over.
Duration: 2 hours. Family rate: € 520 (up to 5 participants)

Children's Menu
At the Rome Cavalieri we have created special children menus. By presenting good food as ‘fun food’ we have managed to create healthy and balanced meals for children that will have them asking for more.

Sunday Music Brunch
An event that has become one of the most exclusive and sought-after institutions in Rome. The famous Sushi corner, a selection of appetizers, main courses, desserts and home-made ice cream make this event a must during your stay for the entire family. Children have their own dedicated play area with entertainment.

Fun in the Pool
To keep children happy and cool in the summer heat, an entertainer will be leading inflatable activities and games in and around the pool each weekend.

For further information and for your reservations please contact the Concierge on +39 06 3509 2040 or via email atROMHI.Concierge@waldorfastoria.com

Exclusive Experiences in Rome

When it comes to Italian cuisine, this custom experience is sure to satiate all culinary curiosities. From bustling bakeries to progressive delis, specialty stores and historic shops, this experience will take guests to enjoy the best of culinary Rome. A private gourmet guide will introduce guests to store owners and invite them to indulge in various tastings at each location.
Duration: 3 hours.

Roman Flavors: Morning Market, Cooking Class and Lunch*
The heart of this experience is dedicated to the rich culinary art. Accompanied by an expert chef, guests will visit specialty stores, cantinas and markets to purchase all the necessary ingredients for a private cooking class. Guests will then be invited into a personal kitchen inside a historic palace to learn the aged secrets of preparing a gourmet lunch. Tastings of fine regional products are also included in this amazing experience.
Duration: 3 hours.

*Upon request, the gourmet lunch can be substituted with a pizza making.

Stone Zoo
Developed especially for kids, this original itinerary will take the family through Rome's most secret piazzas and hidden cloisters to reveal a fascinating menagerie of stone. Accompanied by a professional guide, guests will enjoy the tour on foot, to ensure close-up looks and hands-on exploration of its many fanciful creatures. Used by artists and architects over the centuries, its enchanting animals decorate fountains and palaces throughout the Eternal City. This activity is tailored for kids 4-12 years old.
Duration: 3 hours.

Myths and Heros
The midst of the marvellous collections of the Capitoline Museums will open to guests the meanders of history and mythology from Venere to the Lupa Capitolina, from Marte to Marco Aurelio. During this fun-filled journey, accompanied by a professional guide, guests will discover the richness of Greek and Roman myths. Following the guide through the museum's palaces and interesting underground passage, the narrative visit will conclude with an astonishing panorama of the intriguing Roman Forum.
Duration: 3 hours.

Artisanal Home Made Souvenir
During this fun workshop, that will take place in the hotel, your kids will express the beauty of Rome in their own creative ways. A professional illustrator will encourage your child to use the various artistic materials available - paints, colors, glue, and other magical ingredients - to make your child feel like a real Italian artist. In the end of the workshop, every participant will take home a hand-made calendar with their own illustrations. What is needed? Child's creativity and imagination. We will take care of the rest. Parents are welcome to stay with kids during this activity or to leave them with our trusted and experienced staff.
Duration: 3 hours.

Pizza Making
This culinary workshop gives guests the opportunity to learn how to make fresh home-made pizza, experimenting with raw ingredients and using traditional Italian cooking utensils. The 'pizzaiolo' will introduce different types and flavors of pizza and guests will be invited to invent their own pizza. This pizza-making workshop is done in a traditional roman pizzerias.
Duration: 2 hours.

Treasure Hunt in Villa Borghese
Throughout the vast park grounds of Villa Borghese, in a fun-filled game involving, a private guide will assist in an entertaining discovery of the gems hidden in the greenery.
Duration 3 hours.

Haunted in Rome
The private guide will take you on a mysterious and thrilling journey through some of the Eternal City's many legendary ghosts, haunted sites and stories, such as the tragic death of Beatrice Cenci and of Giordano Bruno, whose spirits are hovering in the city still today.
Duration 3 hours.

Roman Safari
This original selection takes you through Rome’s most secret piazzas and hidden cloisters to reveal a fascinating menagerie of enchanting stoned animals decorating fountains and palaces.
Duration 3 hours.

Buried History
You will descend into the fascinating world that lies hidden beneath the modern city, discovering hidden and buried treasures opened exclusively for you!
Duration 3 hours.

Baby Fashionistas
Boasting one of the world's largest selections of designer labels, Rome has long been known as one of the greatest shopping destinations. Now, the Rome Cavalieri can arrange for families to take their little ones on a fashion trip of their own with visits to a range of renowned designers' shops, including some who will even arrange special entertainment for children while parents browse the rails.

Quotation on request for each of the above 'Exclusive Experiences in Rome'
For further information and for your reservations please contact the Concierge on +39 06 3509 2040 or via email at ROMHI.Concierge@waldorfastoria.com

Around Rome

Several fun destinations are proposed by our Concierge: Villa Borghese, with its playgrounds, amusement rides, bikes for hire, miniature train, lake with rowing boats and the smallest children's cinema in the world, listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The Bioparc, the Zoological Museum, the Children's Museum "Explora", as well as the water parks of Acquapiper, Hydromania, Zoomarine amusement park (located in Torvajanica) and the brand-new theme park Rainbow MagicLand (in Valmontone) complete the rich offer.

For further information and for your reservations please contact the Concierge on +39 06 3509 2040 or via email at ROMHI.Concierge@waldorfastoria.com

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