Spa Palazzo

Discover an inner oasis of spa sensations at the acclaimed Spa Palazzo offering Spa Palazzo Signature Treatments and a truly unique spa experience.

Spa Palazzo is the three-time winner of the Forbes Four Star Award and offers the very best luxury treatments amid a truly unique and exquisite setting. Inspired by Spain's legendary Alhambra Palace in Spain, Spa Palazzo is a joyful symphony of palatial arches, carved stone, smooth marble, grand gardens, cypress woodwork and elaborate mosaics.

The stunning centerpieces of the men's and women's lounges are the opulent wet rooms that are home the celebrated Ritual Bath. Enjoy access to Swiss and Waterfall showers, whirlpools, sauna, and steam and inhalation rooms. Both men's and women's lounges also feature luxurious locker rooms with changing areas and showers.

Beyond these lounges are 44 private treatment rooms offering a serene sanctuary. Choose from an extensive range of Signature treatments, facials, massages and more.

Signature Spa Palazzo treatments include:

• Sevruga Caviar Facial
• Swe-Thai Massage
• Ritual Bath

Explore all your options in the Spa Palazzo Brochure (PDF) and check prices in the Spa Palazzo Pricing List (PDF).

Beautifully manicured gardens surround the inviting outdoor spa pool offering underwater music and waterfall whirlpools. Nestled among lush, tropical greenery, this secret oasis provides the ideal retreat to relax, enjoy a refreshing swim or a delicious spa cuisine lunch.

Children under the age of 17 must have a parent present at all times at Spa Palazzo. We can offer to children younger than 17 massages, facials and body treatments, but they must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children between the ages 12-17 may enjoy treatments in Salon Palazzo.

Spa Palazzo Signature Treatments

Sevruga Caviar Facial
Enjoy deep levels of nourishment and moisture for mature or dehydrated skin types. The extract of caviar, a nutrient rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids combines with other active ingredients to make skin silky and glowing. This luxury facial includes hand and foot treatments and a complimentary Ritual Bath.

Eminence Custom Organic Facial
Enjoy a customized facial specifically tailored to your exact needs.  Choose from intriguing options designed to delight the mind and the senses. All products contain 100% pure organic fruit, and vegetable and herbal extracts to naturally exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Complimentary Ritual Bath included.

Swe-Thai Massage
This innovative massage combines soft-tissue therapies with passive yoga-style stretching derived from the ancient healing art of Thai massage. Swe-Thai Massage merges East and West to provide a unique treatment leaving you feeling renewed. Not recommended for individuals with physical limitations. Complimentary Ritual Bath included.


Destress Muscle Release
This relaxing combination of deep and soft tissue motion techniques uses essential oils to work the central nervous system and relax the muscle.

Swedish Massage
This soothing Swedish Massage increases circulation and encourages relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage
Firmly applied pressure relaxes and releases muscle tension.

Aromatherapy Massage
Light massage techniques and aromatherapy stimulate the central nervous system to encourage lymphatic drainage. Enjoy overall relaxation and the removal of toxins. An aromatherapy essential oil blend will be personalized to meet your special requirements.

Hot Stones Massage
This ancient art of healing releases muscle tension, alleviates aching joints and calms the mind. Smooth heated basalt stones combined with a gentle massage melt away anxiety and deeply relax the body without the use of more invasive deep muscle therapies.

Experience a relaxing massage in the privacy of your room. Evening treatments are available until 9:00 p.m. 24 hours notice requested.

Spa Reflexology
Enjoy a hot towel cleansing ritual, followed by the stimulation of pressure points on the hands and feet. This service encourages the body to discover its energy path and release blockages which may be the source of pain or discomfort.

Maternity Massage
After the first trimester, indulge in a relaxing massage and extra care and nurturing. This exclusive massage by our expertly trained therapists uses a specifically designed body support system for added comfort.

For the Body

Customized Tropical Sugar Scrub
Using unrefined sugar cane crystals containing alpha hydroxy acids, this exclusive treatment exfoliates, refines and polishes the skin to achieve its ultimate glow.

Cranberry Pomegranate Skin Polisher
Enjoy a refining and hydrating skin treatment combining vitamins and antioxidants.

Wrapped By The Sea
Indulge in a detoxifying seaweed treatment containing active Spirulina algae rich in antioxidants, essential vitamins, minerals and proteins to nourish and revitalize the body. This warm wrap includes a relaxing facial, masque application and a 'mini-massage'.

Ahhhpricot-Mandarin Rehydrating Body Wrap
Treat your self to a raw sugar and apricot body scrub. This therapeutic treatment is left on the body and blends with a delightful Mandarin Grapefruit Body Butter wrap to ensure skin hydration. Enjoy a relaxing face and scalp massage, and an Apricot Body Oil application to complete your experience.

Therapeutic Trilogy
This luxurious treatment is based on the centuries-old European tradition of wrapping the body in Spirulina and bathing in healing waters, and then Marine Firming Cream mixed with Lavender Body Oil is applied.

Fountain of Youth Body Treatment
This superb treatment is specifically designed for mature and/or sun-damaged skin or skin with stretch marks and discoloration. Enjoy a more even, toned and healthy skin otherwise not attainable with any non-invasive body treatment. This treatment is customized for your most challenging areas to restore youthful skin.

Naturally Slimming Body Treatment
This naturally slimming treatment helps firm the skin and minimize the appearance of cellulite. Combining the most advanced CoffeeBerry 'Natureceuticals,' this treatment remodels skin with smoother texture. The treatment is most effective when done in a series of six treatments, and combined with home care and improved lifestyle choices.

For Gentlemen Only

Gentlemen's Facial
This deep-cleansing, relaxing facial is specifically designed for the special skin care needs of men, such as sensitivity and razor burn.

Men's Energizing Trilogy
Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of thermal minerals, eucalyptus essential oil and deep massage techniques. This energizing treatment includes a eucalyptus and pine ritual bath, a full body scrub to refine and soften skin and a full body, deep tissue massage to release muscle tension.

Deep Tissue Massage
Firmly applied pressure releases muscle tension.

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