Peacock Alley

Imagine being a time traveler and reliving all of the good old times in Beijing and New York. Here in Peacock Alley, you can have all that and more. Enjoy the serene view from the secluded lounge, order a classic New York cocktail at the elaborate bar or savor an exquisite dish of Delicate Canapés. This iconic spot brings an unforgettable experience through the passage of time that blends modern leisure and timeless elegance.

Peacock Alley is an upscale 66-seat lounge that orchestrates the perfect symphony of Waldorf Astoria's classic surroundings and fresh contemporary ambiance for quick meals, afternoon teas, informal business meetings and sweet breaks before the next round of shopping. Inspired by the grand social promenade that connected the original Waldorf and Astoria hotels in New York, Peacock Alley at Waldorf Astoria Beijing creates an environment where 'one can see and be seen'. The elaborate bar and secluded lounge immerses guests in a classic and convivial ambience.

A Toast to Legendary Drinks
Our bartenders specialize in the great New York classics, including a range of legendary drinks such as Martinis, Cosmopolitans, Manhattans and all variations created in the vibrant bar scene of New York in the early 20th century. Peacock Alley, as one of the primary bars for high society in 20th century New York, certainly set the stage for legendary drinks, which we can savor right here at Waldorf Astoria Beijing's Peacock Alley.

Peacock Alley boasts exquisite yet lesser known variations such as the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Martini, named after American President Roosevelt. He famously stirred up a martini at The White House after announcing the end of Prohibition in 1933. Many signature drinks were created during Prohibition (1920-1933) and were called 'camouflage drinks' with dashes of juice or soft drinks. These cocktails include the well-known Long Island Ice Tea and the lesser known Bronx (gin, vermouth and freshly squeezed orange juice) and Rob Roy (scotch, vermouth and angostura) cocktails. These last two were invented and first sipped at New York's Peacock Alley. The Peacock Alley at Waldorf Astoria Beijing is the one and only address in Beijing to serve these legendary drinks.

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Hotel, China - Beat the Summer Heat

Beat the Summer Heat at Waldorf Astoria Beijing

Cool off with eight original summer cocktails, refresh the spirit, and delight the taste buds

Escape into the luxurious interiors of the Waldorf Astoria Beijing and take the sting out of summer by relaxing over specially created cocktails with family and friends.

The creative mixologists at the hotel have put together a unique selection that will delight the taste buds while the pretty colored drinks - ranging from pale lime to spicy orange - perfectly chilled or swirling in ice cubes will help to restore overheated bodies.

Try each of the eight sumptuous original summer cocktails from May 15 to August 31.

Amazon Rainforest
This rum-based cocktail made with celery juice, fresh kiwi, and fresh lime hits the spot like the jungle is refreshed after the rain.

Memory of the South
For those who prefer life sweet with the occasional kick of sour to stimulate the senses will appreciate this gin-based cocktail made with lychee juice, passion fruit syrup, and lemon juice. This sweet and sour mix is just right to awaken the taste buds.

Lost Horizon
This sweet and nutty cocktail is full of depth and flavor and is refreshing at the same time. Made with Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur as the base, pineapple and lemon juice, peach syrup, and the essence of almond, and pineapple cream, it will appeal to sophisticates.

London Fog
Cool, fresh, and a totally unforgettable taste is created with gin or vodka, apple and lemon juice, ginger, cucumber, fruit essence, and spicy ginger. It is a definite must-have to rebalance the body's overheated system.

Lemon Martini
This is the choice for Martini aficionados looking for a sublime cocktail. The purity and simplicity of mixing just gin or vodka, Cointreau, and lemon juice is genius.

Poppy Fields
Be transported to the Maldives and dreams of lapping waves by this pretty deep red cocktail, topped with bobbing ice cubes. Vodka, fresh dragon fruit, grapefruit juice, and passion fruit syrup shaken to perfection will quench anyone's thirst.

Berries are full of antioxidants and every sip of this cocktail also provides a vitamin shot. Made with rum, Cointreau, cranberry and lemon juice, and black currant syrup in the perfect proportion and concentration, it is easily a popular choice and a good excuse to have more than one.

A cold, sweet, bitter, and fresh taste is created by perfectly balancing measures of gin, Campari, and watermelon juice. Simple ingredients pack a punch to cool the body and return it to harmony.

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