Brasserie 1893

Brasserie 1893 is all about candid chef-and-guest interaction, gastronomical indulgence and visual bliss. Combining the French term 'brasserie', for informal doing of high quality, Brasserie 1893, the main dining room with show kitchen equipped with two stunning hand-crafted Molteni stoves, brings the chefs into close contact with our guests. Sip an exquisite glass of wine as you watch the chef grill your steak to perfection or prepare oysters.

From legendary invention of Waldorf Salad and Eggs Benedict to Taste of Waldorf 2016 Winning Dish 'Jing Roll', our executive chef ensures the most unforgettable and exclusive gourmet experiences to our guests.

Ultra Luxury Seafood Tower

Waldorf Astoria Beijing Hotel, China - Seafood Tower

Your unforgettable experience for the sensational seafood enjoyment starts from 18 March 2016. At Brasserie 1893 of Waldorf Astoria Beijing, you will appreciate the best quality of French Wild Oyster, Carabinero Red Fire Prawns, Boston Lobster, Poached Norway Langoustines, King of Razor Clams, Sea Urchin, Caviar superior Oscietra, and Alaska King Crab, with 9 distinctive sauces, as well as snacks such as crêpe and lemon. Pairing the best with either a glass of white wine, champagne or homemade ginger cocktail.

Benoit Chargy, the Executive Chef of Waldorf Astoria Beijing, who just won the Taste of Waldorf Astoria champion dish in Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts Global Culinary Competition. The winning dish 'Jing Roll' will be featured on menus at 25 Waldorf Astoria properties worldwide. He is a gastronome with attitude. He believes the best flavor comes from the nature, and only fresh ingredients are worth tasting. Benoit began his worldwide search for finest ingredients of the luxury seafood tower since 2015, and the seafood feast is ready to be served from now on.

The vast ocean is a reservoir of nutrient elements. Deep-sea creatures are full of nutrients such as protein, calcium, and iodine. We are intelligent and imaginative partly thanks to foods endowed by the blue sea. Having seafood can help prevent heart attacks and strokes, lower blood pressure and may even help ward off depression.

Now at Brasserie 1893, you will enjoy the seafood that has been carefully selected and well prepared just for you. Recommended Specialties of the Tower includes:


Oysters are one of a kind treasure gifts from the ocean. Their unique juicy, slightly salty and sea fresh flavors along with snappy tender textures make them one of our most delicious food. When having oysters, as you enjoy their juice from each shell, chewing it down with chilled wine, you will be filled with nothing but delight and satisfied. It is cool and fresh-tasting, like a mouthful of gelatinous sea water.

In northwest France the mineral-rich marshy terrain, irrigated by sea water from the nearby Atlantic coast, offers ideal conditions for oyster production that is where our oysters coming from. Like wines, raw oysters have complex flavors that vary depending on the variety and region. The oyster growers of Normandy produce about 25% of all the oysters in France. La Royale is the result of a long history of French farming techniques. It is extremely plump and sweet in its beige dress. Originated from Brittany, Fine de Claire is without a doubt the most untouched and natural oyster in Europe. Really pure in flavors, its lean meat makes it the ultimate appetitive oyster. Boudeuse from Olerons is an oyster with an attitude! With its growing flesh in its non-growing shell, it is one of the most original oysters ever discovered. La Ronce represents the perfect balance between flavors and plumpness with a crunchy and sweet flesh!

Appreciated by several Michelin stars-rewarded restaurants in Paris, La Speciale is naturally unique. Fanned by David Hervé and his family, this oyster is famous for its incredibly consistency. Hervé's oysters are often dark or greenish-rimmed, with a distinctive - and for oyster connoisseurs, highly desirable - nutty taste. They are also preferred by the 3 Michelin-starred French Chef Pierre Gagnaire from Les Solistes restaurant of Waldorf Astoria Berlin, Guy Savoy who owns multiple Michelin starred restaurants. Coincidentally, Richard Ekkebus who owns 2-Michelin starred restaurants in Hong Kong is also a fan of La Speciale. Indulge in the freshest French oysters directly from the ocean to your table with Michelin starred restaurant recommendation.

Blue Delta Mussel

Mussels are found in large quantities along the Dutch coastline. Like oysters, they are also courier to Beijing by air directly since captured. As the largest supplier in Europe, Delta honored modern factories, guaranteeing the logistics of the seafood. Mussels are a rich source of many essential vitamins and minerals, in which selenium is important for immune system function, while manganese is involved in energy metabolism.

Boston Lobster

Growing in the cold sea, Boston lobsters are tender and tasty. They are literally one of the most delightful and wholesome ingredients available today. Lobster meat is low in fat substance and has a high content of proteins. It the best choice for fitness conscious people.

Alaska King Crab

Alaskan king crab is definitely the most sought after crab species in the world. The crab grows into the largest species of crab on the eastern hemisphere. Due to their enormous crab claw, Alaskan king crab yields very large pieces of meat. King crab tends to have a unique 'sweet' taste. Alaskan king crab is a healthy alternative to beef and one of the healthiest foods you can eat. King crab is high in quality protein. It is rich in Omega-3 fatty acid, which lowers blood pressure and prevents heart attack.

Caviar Superior Oscietra with Condiments and Blinis

Known as 'black gold', Caviar Superior Oscietra is one of the three most famous delicacies around the world. Caviar is served in tiny vessels with ice to preserve its special flavor as well as freshness. Various condiments can be added according to your taste. You can wrap caviar with pancakes or enjoy it pairing with a glass of champagne.

In the seafood tower, you may also find:

  • Steamed Carabinero red fire prawns from Spain
  • Steamed scallop with passion fruit oil and Iberian crispy 5J ham
  • Bread crab
  • King of razor clams
  • Sea urchin
  • Poached Norway langoustines

Request 24 hours reservation in advance

Price at 1998 RMB with 15% service charge

Brittany Blue Lobster

Brittany Blue lobster is considered as the finest of crustaceans. Blue lobster has a distinct blue tinged shell, which makes them a rare species (about one in two million) among all lobsters. These lobsters are prized for being sweeter and more flavorful then their clawed cousins. Highly sought out in France for their tastier flesh, Brittany Blues are rarely available even at fine-dining French restaurants. Here at Brasserie 1893, you can enjoy the delicacy (800g to 1000g) by making a reservation with additional RMB 900.

Enjoying the seafood tower is quite an experience - the three-layer tower is served in a cart with mist generated by the dry ice. The chef demonstrates the way to open oysters and introduces every delicacy for you.

All rates are subject to 15% service charge.

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