Golf Training

Develop and improve skills with the analysis and guidance of experienced PGA and LPGA instructors at The Boulders Golf Academy.

Consistently ranked as one of the nation’s top golf resorts by Golf Magazine and Travel and Leisure, The Boulders also boasts one of the finest golf academies in the United States. The Boulders Golf Academy is directed by Donald Crawley, creator of the “Golf Simplified” system of hands-on instruction incorporating digital video analysis. Talented and experienced PGA and LPGA instructors teach private lessons, groups and clinics. 

Schedule a one-on-one lesson to improve swing, chipping, putting or other skills.) Sign up for a digital video analysis for customized instruction that will lead to better techniques. Select a 2-hour private playing lesson or indulge in an 18-hole playing lesson. Join a small group session and practice with others. Arrange a customized corporate clinic and invite business associates to enhance their skills. Challenge them to a full 18-hole round.

A range of Golf Instructional Packages provide focused instruction and practice to improve skills. Enroll in an immersive three-day golf school that includes personalized full swing diagnosis and correction and three 18-hole rounds of golf. Spend a day with a pro and enjoy 2 hours of instruction and on-course play. Pair up with a fellow golfer for a VIP school with two instructors or join family members for a One Hour Clinic.

Golf Training

“Quick Fix” Two-Day Golf School

* Two days (4 hours total) of instruction covering personalized full swing diagnosis and correction and short game finesse shots
* Two 9-hole rounds of golf with golf cart rental

Complete Game Three-Day Golf School

* Three days (9 hours total, including a 3-hr. playing lesson) of instruction includes:
* digital video analysis
* swing diagnosis/correction
* short game, chip, pitch, sand, putt
* uneven lies and trouble shots
* Three 18-hole rounds with cart rental

One Day with the Pro

* Two hours of instruction cover quick fix swing lesson and short game tune-up
* 9-hole playing lesson with the instructor

Two Players VIP School

* Perfect for couples or regular golfing partners
* 2 hours of individual instruction with two instructors
* A 9-hole playing lesson with the instructors
* 18-hole tee time for two

One Hour Daily Clinics

* Minimum of three golfers
* Perfect for families that want to learn together
* Personalized golf lessons
* Rental clubs included

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