Waldorf Astoria Spa at The Boulders Resort

The Waldorf Astoria Spa at The Boulders Resort takes inspiration from the desert to create luxurious treatments that rejuvenate the body. Innovative experiences adapted from global cultures help restore mind and spirit.

Indulge in spa treatments infused with natural ingredients and thoughtfully administered by experienced aestheticians. Restore complexion and skin tone with a tranquility facial, turquoise wrap or adobe clay wrap. Soothe sore muscles with a Thai massage or accusage - a combination of acupuncture and massage.

Begin a journey of self-discovery with a Life Coach, chakra balancing or Astrological Soul Reading. Take a private meditation class and learn techniques for stress reduction. Gain focus while strolling in the Labyrinth, a tranquil meditation path. Try Watsu, an underwater "back-to-the-womb" experience.

Explore a unique group or individual shamanic experience. Join with others for Aligning with the Worlds of Grandmother Earth to learn how the natural world relates to the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional aspects. Gain personal insights that help align balance and create beauty and power on an individual shamanic experience.

Enlist a personal trainer for a fitness assessment and personal training to maximize the benefits of exercise. Head into the desert for an outdoor adventure such as mountain biking or rock climbing.

Complete a spa experience with a visit to the Beauty Salon, which offers manicures, pedicures, hair services and special men's treatments.

Indulge in a Spa Day Package or select traditional therapies and innovative treatments such as the following at the Waldorf Astoria Spa at The Boulders Resort:

*Spa Day Packages - Enjoy a pre-designed menu of treatments and services. Packages include Spirit of the Southwest, Ultimate Spa Day, Carefree Trilogy, Beat the Heat, and Spa Duo.

*Restorative Treatments - Choose from therapies such as Herbal Poultice Treatment, Golden Harvest Facial, Tranquility Facial, Hylunia Vitamin C Facial, Mud Body Wrap, Adobe Clay Wrap and Radiance Body Wrap.

*Massage Therapy - Address individual needs for muscle therapy with the right type of massage such as Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai, and Lomi Lomi.

*Group Shamanic Experience: Aligning with the Worlds of Grandmother Earth - Learn about the mineral, plant, animal, human and spirit world and how they relate to physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and life force aspects.

*Energy Field Balancing with Pulsors - Harmonize the body's own energy fields through the use of pulsor energy triangles. These triangles are special healing tools comprised of tiny crystals that store energy and discharge energy at specific frequencies, the body achieves rebalancing.

*Talking Tree Reading - Utilize the insights gained through this individual reading using runes.

*Astrological Soul Reading - The Astrologer calculates an astrological chart based on birth date, birth time, and birth place for personal insights that provide guidance and direction.

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