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Extraordinary Places. A Singular Experience.

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[Description: This video is 3:21 minutes long. It opens with a series of black and white photographs spanning 1893 to the present. The Waldorf Astoria Hotel is constructed of white stone with two carved towers at the top. The date 1893 appears beside a photo of the Hotel New Yorker as it rises above the street in 6 graduated tiers of white stone. The Empire State Building is prominent in front right of photo with New York City stretching behind to the horizon. Man at a table being served and another photo of a packed auditorium welcoming the British Monarch. Prince Rainier and Princess Grace in evening gown and long while gloves. Two women in evening dresses, one holding a cigarette, converse with a smiling man leaning on counter above them. Two men at right discuss a chandelier that has been lowered to the floor, it is over 6 feet in diameter and covered with many rows of crystal beads and candleholders. Winston Churchill reviews a pad of notes. John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon walk with Cardinal Spellman. Johnny Carson smiles with Burt Reynolds. Members of the United Nations stand in three rows behind tables covered with flowers. Montage ends with photo of hotel with the words "The greatest of them all" written in cursive on the right. Waldorf Astoria logo with laurel wreath. Hotel sits among high-rise buildings made of glass and steel. Carved façade "The Waldorf Hotel" flanked by two large flags. The interior of the lobby with marble columns and a curved reception desk with a filigree metal railing. Description: Video changes to a full color view of the New York Waldorf-Astoria grand foyer, A long passageway with an arched ceiling, five crystal chandeliers and a grand piano at the far end. A montage of hotels follows. Casa Marina, Key West, Florida – a palm tree shaded beach lined with white beach chairs faces the sea. The Waldorf Towers, New York – bedroom with gold brocade curtains and walls and lush gold and white bed linens. La Quinta Resort and Club, La Quinta, California – a woman with a blond ponytail looks out over a green valley toward a granite mountain range Rome Cavaliere, Italy – Two Renaissance paintings hang on a wall above a long credenza with 2 gold and filigree urns and a ceramic and gold clock. Boca Beach Club, Boca Raton, Florida – room with interior pool has large glass doors that lead to a deck over the deep blue ocean The Roosevelt New Orleans, Louisiana – interior grand foyer with gold columns and crystal chandeliers and a grand piano on the left. Trianon Palace Versailles, France – five story white stone hotel with garret windows, balconies and outside dining tables and chairs. London Syon Park, United Kingdom – A-frame brown structure with open passage way and outdoor chandeliers. The Reach, Key West, Florida – a wide wooden ramp leads up to a structure with open sides over the water. A dining table with floor length cloth and two chairs is in the center. Edgewater Beach hotel, Naples, Florida – a peach color sunset over the ocean illuminates a three story yellow hotel on right, with rooms overlooking the pool lined with beach chairs. Las Casitas Village, Fajardo, Puerto Rico – a series of many white staircases lead up to the white stucco hotel which is located at the edge of the sea Waldorf Astoria Park City, Utah – A snow covered hotel nestled into the side of a steep mountain side covered with fir trees Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund, China – At night, this colonial hotel with arched windows and gabled rooftop is illuminated by white light. Waldorf Astoria Orlando, Florida – Interior rotunda lobby with 10 foot ornate column in center topped with gold clock, lobby encircled with marble columns holding up a gold patterned dome ceiling. Beach House Maldives, Manafaru Island – at night, on a deck over the ocean sits a series of lighted rooms, a table with chairs outside under a thatched roof Qasr Al Sharq, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – In a white room, a red and gold rug covers the tile floor with a glass table in its center. Gold and black lattice cover the columns and doorway arches that lead from one white room into another, each with the same rug and columns. Waldorf Astoria A man carries a silver tray with two plated entrees. In a room lined with chilling racks filled with wine bottles, a waiter in a tuxedo examines a bottle of wine. A woman wearing a white terrycloth robe sips a glass of water next to a carved marble fountain. A long table set with crystal glasses and dinnerware, the center of the table lined with candles in glass holders of varying heights. In the wine tasting room, a couple embraces as they listen to the Sommelie explain the wine's features. A while plate holding a single serving of a chocolate yule log, dusted with confection sugar and topped with a rose colored bow. A woman in white stands behind a desk, holding a phone to her ear. A bouquet of yellow tulips in a glass vase. A woman in a blue and white uniform spreads a white sheet over a bed. In the entryway lined with vines, a man loads luggage into the truck of a car. In a meeting room, a man leans over the high backed cushioned chair to adjust the water bottle on the table. A couple smiles as they look at the wine bottle label being presented by the waiter. A white-gloved staff member rolls a suitcase through the ornate metal doors into the marbled floored lobby. A montage of 6 hotels of Waldorf Astoria Hotels from Arizona to Hawaii. Coming soon. A montage of 9 Waldorf Astoria Hotels from Panama to United Arab Emirates. ] The Waldorf Astoria it's like nothing else.More than a century ago we built the first hotel of its kind in the greatest cityof them all reaching new heights in guest services inspiring thousands of imitations.Since then, our name has become synonymous with elegance style and perfection.Worthy of dignitaries, presidents, celebrities and the world's grandest gatheringsprompting Conrad Hilton to call it "The greatest of them all."The Waldorf Astoria was a luxury brand long before brands as we know them even existed.There was no standard before we set it.And now, it seems only fitting that we would once again set the standard.What was once the world's most iconic hotel is now the world's most iconic portfolio of hotels.This unified brand allows each of our properties to maintain its own individuality,to have its own unique history, its own distinct personality, while always embodyingthe legendary Waldorf brand and consistently providing true Waldorf service.With a gracious staff dedicated to continuing our tradition of being first in service.True Waldorf service offers guests a truly personalized experience.Every touch point throughout the guest's lifecycle presents an opportunityto deliver an authentic customized visit.While they plan their stay, before they arrive, while they are with us, and even upon departure.As we once again take our rightful place as the world's preeminent namein hospitality we will promise the world's luxury traveler something no other hotels can offer:extraordinary placesproviding a truly singular experienceWelcome to Waldorf Astoria Hotels and Resorts.Each one a true reflection of its location.Each one offering unparalleled service and attention.Each one the greatest of them all.